Fathead Spices™ got its start the same way 4M Catering did, our friends. It seems like every time I cooked for a crowd someone came to me and asked for the recipe. What most people didn't know, the recipes are in my head or made as I go. Friends and clients would ask me to make them some spices. That got to be too much. So, I decided to make a spice line that would include all of the seasonings, spices and rub I used for my catering business. Now it's easier to hand them a bottle of the seasonings, spice and rub. I can even ship to those that live out of state. The product line also helps me, I do not have to mix the seasoning, spice and rubs each time I need them. I hope you enjoy our seasonings, spices and rubs as much as our friends and family. If you have a spice recommendation for us feel free to give us a call or e-mail us.


FatHead - Brian Mock